About the products

Our products are unique due to the combination of two different materials; 30% High quality Micro-Polyester combined with leather. The parts most used such as the pockets and zipper contain leather as well as we aimed to increase the quality and usage of the product.


There are different kinds of leather that are used today in this market. For instance, Lamb skin which is very soft but too sensitive and cow leather is hard but uncomfortable. We prefer the most comfortable and high quality leather which is Calf leather Nappa. The small deviations in color and structure prove its authenticity not deformation. The naturally-grown skin is refined with special soft and very comfortable Calf NAPPA Leather. Regular treatment with suitable leather care products is recommended. This leather, Calf NAPPA, should only be reconditioned and dry-cleaned by specialists of leather cleaning firms.


Its a special wind and waterproof material regulating your body temperature and the reason of our slogan “HOT INSIDE, COOL OUTSIDE”. That means it keeps the body temperature inside and the cool outside. So, cold is prevented.


We use racoon fur around the hoods on our jackets because it never freezes, it doesn’t hold water, and the uneven hair lengths create a windbreak that protects exposed skin and helps to reduce heat loss from the face. Fur trim around a hood works disrupts airflow and creates “turbulence”, warmer air around the face – protecting the face from frostbite. We recognize and respect people’s right not preferring wearing fur, however, we hope that people will respect our ethical and responsible use of fur.

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